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2 stacks of serviettes 40 small plates 20 large plates 20 knives 150 cups 60 small bowls 60 forks 100 spoons 200 dessert spoons 60 tea spoons

This is my personal wiki.

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Deployment Timeline[edit]

<timeline> ImageSize = width:1250 height:605 PlotArea = left:95 right:415 bottom:85 top:20 Legend = columns:3 left:220 top:57 columnwidth:160 AlignBars = late

DateFormat = dd/mm/yyyy Period = from:01/01/2018 till:31/12/2026

Colors =

id:canvas value:gray(0.95)        # background for whole image
id:bars   value:white             # background for bars
id:grid1  value:rgb(0.4,0.6,0.4)  # major grid
id:grid2  value:rgb(0.80,0.80,1)  # minor grid
id:gray   value:gray(0.6)         # for colophon
id:gray2  value:gray(0.5)         # for text
id:SM     value:green            legend:Servers
id:CM     value:rgb(0.6,1,0.6)   legend:Clients
id:SW     value:rgb(1,0.7,0.7)   legend:Software
id:IF     value:rgb(0,0,1)       legend:Infrastructure

BackgroundColors = canvas:canvas bars:bars

ScaleMajor = gridcolor:grid1 unit:year increment:1 start:01/01/2018 ScaleMinor = gridcolor:grid2 unit:month increment:3 start:01/10/2018

TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal format:yyyy

BarData =

 bar:Singapura   text:Singapura
 bar:Shangri-la  text:Shangri-la
 bar:Atlantis    text:Atlantis
 bar:Shambhala   text:Shambhala
 bar:Intranet    text:Intranet

Define $broad = width:0.1in Define $narrow = width:0.03in

  1. with shift:(0,..) the left/right aligned text starts/stops exactly below supplied date
  2. a small adjustment centers the date part of the text below the line mark
  3. extra adjustments may be needed to avoid overlapping texts

Define $dy = -15 Define $leftneg2 = align:left shift:(-20, $dy) Define $leftneg1 = align:left shift:(-10, $dy) Define $left = align:left shift:( 0, $dy) Define $leftpos1 = align:left shift:( 10, $dy) Define $leftpos2 = align:left shift:( 20, $dy) Define $center = align:center shift:( 0, $dy) Define $right = align:right shift:( 0, $dy) Define $rightneg1 = align:right shift:(-10, $dy) Define $rightpos1 = align:right shift:( 10, $dy) Define $rightpos2 = align:right shift:( 20, $dy) Define $leftPH = align:left shift:( 3, $dy) # avoid collision with

                                                  # Pearl Harbour red line

Define $dy2 = 10 Define $leftWW2 = align:left shift:( 0, $dy2) Define $rightWW2 = align:right shift:( 0, $dy2)


 at:01/07/2023 color:red layer:back


 fontsize:XS $broad
 bar:Singapura       from:01/03/2018 till:31/01/2021 color:SM
 bar:Singapura       from:01/02/2021 till:01/07/2023 color:SM
 bar:Shangri-la      from:01/03/2021 till:01/07/2023 color:SM
 bar:Atlantis        from:01/08/2021 till:01/07/2023 color:SM
 bar:Shambhala       from:01/08/2021 till:01/07/2023 color:SM
 bar:Intranet        from:18/03/2022 till:end        color:SM
 bar:Singapura       from:01/03/2018 till:01/03/2023 color:IF
 bar:Shangri-la      from:01/03/2021 till:01/03/2026 color:IF
 bar:Atlantis        from:01/08/2021 till:01/08/2026 color:IF
 bar:Shambhala       from:01/08/2021 till:01/08/2026 color:IF
  1. bar:SeaBattles color:IF $broad $center
  2. from:07/12/2018 till:07/12/2018 text:Pearl Harbour|1
  3. from:10/12/2018 till:10/12/2018
  4. from:19/02/2018 till:19/02/2018 text:345
  5. from:25/02/2018 till:25/02/2018

 bar:Singapura textcolor:red fontsize:S
 at:01/09/2018 $leftWW2   text:"< CAVSnet start"
 at:02/09/2020 $rightWW2  text:"Current >"
 at:07/12/2022 $leftWW2   text:"< Networked"
 textcolor:black fontsize:XS
 at:27/07/2018 $rightpos2 text:"Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere|Co-Prosperity Sphere 27/7" mark:(line,white)
 at:27/09/2019 $left      text:"27/9 Tripartite Pact"       mark:(line,white)
 at:18/04/2020 $leftneg1  text:"18/4 Doolittle Raid"       mark:(line,white)
 at:18/04/2021 $leftneg1  text:"18/4 Yamamoto Isoroku|Adm. Yamamoto killed" mark:(line,white)
 at:19/02/2022 $rightneg1 text:"Battle of Iwo Jima|Iwo Jima 19/2-14/3 ~Battle of Okinawa|Okinawa 1/4-22/6" mark:(line,white)
 at:01/04/2023 mark:(line,white)

 bar:Singapura       at:01/09/2018 $leftpos1  text:since 1937 (partial)
 bar:Shangri-la      at:01/09/2018 $leftpos1  text:since 1931
 bar:Atlantis        at:01/09/2018 $leftpos1  text:since 1905
 bar:Shambhala       at:23/01/2018 $leftneg1  text:23/1

TextData =


TextData =

 pos:(850,573) tabs:(13-left,108-right,116-left,210-left) lineheight:13
 text:^1933^ 27/3^Japan leaves League of Nations
 text:^1940^ 25/9^project Ultra - Japanese code cracked
 text:^    ^30/11^Japan makes final decision to attack US

TextData =

 pos:(850,445) tabs:(10-right,13-left,108-right,116-left) lineheight:13
 text:Client machines
 text:^ 1^1942^7/12^Japanese attack Pearl Harbour
 text:^13^^23-27/10^Battle of Leyte Gulf

TextData =

  pos:(735,22)  tabs:(100-left)
  text:Date format dd/mm
  text:"Author Zachte" # link:
  text:Version 2.0 - April 6 2004
  text:"Plot generated with [1]"